Van Jones Gets Emotional Describing How Much He Loves Michelle Obama: ‘She Looks Like My Sister’

Van Jones (FILE)

During CNN’s coverage of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, former White House advisor Van Jones nearly broke down emotionally as he talked about his feelings for first Lady Michelle Obama with host Pete Dominick.

Dominick, discussing Michelle Obama’s upcoming address to the DNC, said he is a “sycophant” of the first lady, focusing mainly on her skin color.

“I love this woman. She has inspired me. She has inspired my wife. But, more than anything, I feel like she’s inspired, certainly, young black girls in America. And, she’s also given America a different image of black woman that might have been played out in the media or even in television,” Dominick said.

The host then turned to Jones and asked him how important it is to have a woman like Michelle Obama representing black women across the United States.

“I’m sitting here getting emotional,” said Jones, his voice starting to crack. “A lot of people are going to get misty.”

“She looks like my sister,” Jones added. “I have a sister who is the same height, the same spirit, the same complexion.”

“It’s almost impossible to describe what it feels like to have somebody like her stand up and speaking for America,” he said, even more emotion in the his voice. “Because, there is this image of what beauty is supposed to be – of who’s supposed to be up there. And she comes out there with such dignity, and with such poise, and with such class.”

The former “green jobs” czar also said “dark-skinneded” [sic] black women like Michelle Obama and his sister have not always been considered traditionally beautiful, however, the first lady has changed all that.

Watch the segment via Mediaite/CNN: