Whoops! NJ Mayor Cory Booker Misspells ‘Barack’ in Full-Page Pro-Obama Ad

(Photo: AP)

New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker has played a unique role in the president’s re-election campaign, after reportedly being “frozen out” by the administration for going off-message back in June.  At the time, the mantra from top Democrats was that venture capitalism is really “vulture” capitalism, but Booker had the audacity to say everyone should “stop attacking private equity.”

Booker has since made an effort to support the Obama campaign, and has kept a relatively low profile…until now.

In a recent pro-Obama New Jersey advertisement, the Booker team misspelled a very crucial word– Barack. Here is a screen shot of the embarrassing full-page advertisement, via New York Magazine:

(Photo: Screen Shot via New York Magazine)

Did you catch it?

The New York Post concludes that Booker has once again stuck “his foot in it” with the Democrat Party.

The Post adds:

Booker is delivering a brief speech as the convention opens tomorrow and is making the scene as the most prominent member of New Jersey’s convention delegation.

His office did not respond to a message from The Post.

Booker has been deep in the dog house with Obama since May when he told a national TV audience that the president’s attacks on Romney’s business record were “nauseating” and made him “very uncomfortable.” Booker has been trying to get back on the president’s good side since then.

It’s safe to say his latest fumble isn’t likely to help.