DNC Allegedly Rejects Gifts & Volunteers From Christian Churches Over Pro-Life Views: ‘Spitting in God’s Face’

Some shocking claims are coming from church leaders in Charlotte, North Carolina. Select congregations are alleging that the Democratic National Committee banned dozens of houses of worship from giving gifts and writing letters to convention attendees over the fact that they hold views that run contrary to the party’s platform.

The incident came as a surprise to Charlotte714, a local religious movement comprised of more than 100 churches. Most recently, the group came together to pray for the convention and its participants. As a result of its efforts, 9,000 people joined together in worship and prayer last Sunday, just two days prior to the Democratic National Convention’s launch.

Photo Credit: Charlotte714

Despite this support, the Democratic Party is purportedly uninterested in what the Christians are offering.

“They told us our views on women’s rights are contrary to the Democratic party platform,” David Benham, lead organizer of the Charlotte714, told FOX News’ Todd Starnes.

Benham explained that 56 churches were hoping to help out during the convention through a special “Adopt-a-Delegation” program. So, they organized gift baskets and penned a letter welcoming delegates to the city; they also offered to help out with childcare, transportation and other related matters.

However, the gift baskets were rejected, the Christians claim. While Benham said the faith leaders were merely trying to “display Southern hospitality,” the efforts fell flat.

“I got a call from the mayor’s office speaking on behalf of the convention and they asked us not to participate,” he told Starnes. “I was blown away and could not believe it.”

In an effort to keep the lines of communication open, Benham claims he asked if the churches, which are generally all mainline denominations, could at least send welcome letters to the delegates. Again, he was turned down, this time being purportedly given the reason that the churches’ pro-life values posed a ideological conflict.

President Barack Obama (Photo Credit: AP)

This was curious, seeing as the letters allegedly didn’t have any political or pro-life messages present within them. Instead, they were purportedly meant to simply welcome participants to the region. Despite the fallout, Benham said numerous groups will continue praying for the Democrats.

Of the recent announcement that “God” was removed from the party’s platform, though, he was candid.

“The Democrats have spit in the face of God, they spit in the face of unborn children, they spit in the face of marriage,” he said. “They are spitting in God’s face. Americans need to rise up and see to it they have their day and are escorted out of power in this country.”

The DNC has not commented on the matter.

(H/T: Fox News Radio)