Young Evangelical Leads Delegates in Prayer for Romney During DNC Benediction

Nardella (Photo Credit: C-SPAN)

On Tuesday, TheBlaze explored the diverse faith traditions that will be included in this week’s Democratic National Convention (DNC). Already, two people of divergent religious beliefs have delivered an invocation and benediction — a Greek Orthodox leader and a young evangelical. During the latter address, though, a noteworthy prayer was uttered for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Jena Lee Nardella, the founder of the non-profit Blood: Water Mission, a group that serves to help those impacted by the African water crisis and works to combat HIV/AIDS, offered a benediction that can best be described as inclusive. Nardella offered a blessing to Romney — a figure that one wouldn’t expect to hear about — at least in a favorable sense — at the DNC.

“I pray as well for Gov. Mitt Romney. May he know your presence, oh God, as he continues to serve as a leader, as a husband to Ann and as a father to his sons and their families,” she said. “Help him to see justice, love mercy and walk humbly with you.”

Watch, below:

These comments came after Nardella offered almost the same, exact prayer for President Barack Obama. Immediately preceding her words about Romney, she said:

“I pray for our president, Barack Obama. May he know your presence, oh God, as he continues to serve as a leader of this nation, as a husband to Michelle and as a father to his daughters. Help him to see justice, love mercy and walk humbly with you.”

Watch Nardella’s entire speech, below (starting at 6:06:54):

As CNN previously reported, “Nardella represents the young evangelical demographic that the Obama campaign is targeting in this election, knowing that older evangelicals are largely locked up for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.”

Considering that she brought Romney up, too, though, it seems she was definitively attempting to be fair to both candidates, rather than endorsing one over the other.

(H/T: Business Insider)