See This Mom’s Reaction After Viewing Footage of Her Sleepwalking Attempt to ‘Open a Tomato Cage’

Sleepwalking individuals often provide comic relief to those still in a wakeful state. One son decided to share some of these laughs by filming his mother sleepwalking — more like sleepdancing by the looks of it — and then showing her the footage afterward.

In the one-minute video of the man’s mom sleepwalking, you see her dance into the kitchen, saying “it’s a special code” as she enters in her pink pj’s. She explains she was “trying to open a tomato cage” — this is what the coded dance was for.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

“I tried many things, but it wouldn’t open and I’m pissed off now,” she explains still in her sleeping state.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)
(Image: YouTube screenshot)

See the mom sleepwalk:

The son, Nick, then goes on to show his mother — after she’s awake — her quest to open the tomato cage. He films her reaction of disbelief too.

Laughing and with hands over her mouth, Nick’s mom can’t believe what she did.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

“Come on, this is not right,” she said. “I had a dream about cherry picking or tomato picking or something.”

“Well, it wasn’t a dream,” Nick said.

Watch the reaction footage:

(H/T: Gawker)