Glenn Beck and FreedomWorks Announce Action Centers at FreePac Ohio Event

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Glenn Beck has long told his audience that simply watching the news and getting frustrated with the events of the day will not create lasting, positive change for the country.  It is better than “checking out” altogether, he says, but is your voice really being heard?

To help remedy the problem Beck has announced a new “Action Center” where individuals can contact their representatives and learn more about pertinent topics from presidential candidates to FEC election fines, right on TheBlaze.

This is what the page looks like, with a list of some of the topics readers can choose to investigate:

Glenn Beck and FreedomWorks Announce Action Centers at FreePac Ohio Event

(Photo: TheBlaze)

Click here to check it out.

Beck made the announcement in Ohio Saturday with FreedomWorks, which is launching an Action Center of its own, in addition to a wave of “action items.”

Among the action items that FreedomWorks, a small government advocacy organization, is encouraging are: protect the first amendment; defend the Wisconsin reforms; and no more rating downgrades.

Beck said of the pro-liberty, small government advocacy organization in 2010: “They have the infrastructure.  They have the have the organizational power.  They have the ability to get information to people quickly en masse.  And we must, must, must link arms with people.”

“We are citizens.  We have a voice.  We need to use it,” Beck explained.

Glenn Beck and FreedomWorks Announce Action Centers at FreePac Ohio Event

(Photo: TheBlaze)

Click here to learn more about the new Freedom Works “Action Center.”

Beck said during his Ohio speech that, for instance, if a reader feels strongly about Congress voting on another round of tax increases, he or she will now be able to type in their zip code and immediately have the necessary information to contact their elected representatives.  They can also do more to inform themselves about the issues, beyond what is happening on a day-to-day basis.

It is a new, active way of ingesting news and current events.

“Now you need to be able to see a story, and say if I believe in these things, what action steps can I take?  So the news becomes a way to inform yourself, and then move things forward,” Beck said. 

President and CEO of FreedomWorks Matt Kibbe commented: “FreePAC Ohio is an opportunity for FreedomWorks to help individuals who believe in freedom connect with each other and get the tools they need to advance the ideas of economic freedom and limited-government. We are excited to take our decentralized, bottom-up model of grassroots organizing to the next level…”

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