See the Hilarious — and Scary — Mistakes in Apple’s New Map App

There’s certainly a lot of buzz today about the new iPhone 5. But earlier this week Apple announced another new item that shouldn’t be overlooked: an update to its operation system now called IOS 6. Included in the update was a new map app that Apple created, getting rid of the standard Google Maps app. But as you’ll soon see, there are plenty of kinks to work out.

The fine folks over at Business Insider have put together a slideshow with the help of theamazingios6maps tumblr page detailing just some of the issues. Among the most hilarious? Road and bridges that are so distorted they look like roller coasters, an airport runway that looks like a quilt, and a very flat Eiffel Tower. Take a look for yourself:

The Brooklyn Bridge gets a little crazy on the Manhattan side. (Business Insider)
And the Manhattan Bridge appears to be quite the experience. (Business Insider)
Someone better call the engineers regarding the Hoover Dam. (
We predict plenty of delays at the Toronto airport. (
The Eiffel Tower...we think. (


Buckingham Fountain in Chicago looks slightly mutant. (

See more pictures from Business Insider and theamazingios6maps tumblr page.


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