‘How Booze Built America’: Mike Rowe Looks at How Alcohol Shaped Events in U.S. History

Everyone’s favorite blue-collar TV personality Mike Rowe (of “Dirty Jobs” fame) has launched a three-part series on Discovery called “How Booze Built America.” The show takes a deep look at the large, albeit uncredited, role alcohol — yes, alcohol — has played in our nation’s history.

For instance, did you know that alcohol and British drinking songs were involved in the writing our nation’s anthem? Or that the Mayflower only stopped at Plymouth because they ran out of beer? Or that just before he assassinated President Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth was seen loading up on liquid courage in a local bar?

If any of this comes as news to you, and you love learning about America’s little-known history, then you should probably check out Rowe’s show:

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