‘Get Your Facts Correct’: Classic Chris Christie Clash at Press Conference

Have you been missing NJ Gov. Chris Christie lately? Or rather, the classic Chris Christie? We’re not talking about the Christie that delivered prepared remarks at the GOP convention. No, we’re talking about the Christie that delivers off-the-cuff verbal knockdowns to reporters who challenge him. Well, if that’s the Christie you’re missing, we found him.

During a press conference on Monday, Christie tussled with a local ABC reporter, Jim Hoffer, who was confronting the governor over the state’s foreclosure policy. At one point, Hoffer suggested Christie had his facts wrong, and the no-nonsense politician wasn’t having any of it.

“Do me a favor, don’t show up once in every blue moon and think you’re going to dominate my press conference,” Christie said as Hoffer tried to talk over him, and right after he tried to move on to a different question. “Get your facts correct and ask a–. Thank you very much.”

Watch below:

By the way, here is the report that aired on ABC about the foreclosure policy. In short, New Jersey has been given money to help people who face foreclosure. But the money has not all been dolled out. Christie says that’s because there was a moratorium placed on new claims — the reporter disputes that:

(H/T: HuffPo)