Conservative Pamela Geller to Expand Anti-Jihad Campaign With New Bus Ads in NYC (See Exclusive Images!)

Pamela Geller, a blogger and the executive director of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, isn’t done with her anti-Jihad advertising blitz. On Monday, Geller told TheBlaze, exclusively, that she submitted an expanded campaign that will bring her controversial advertisements to the New York City bus system.

As TheBlaze has extensively reported, Geller has been in a long and complicated battle with The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), the company that owns and operates the city’s subway, train and bus systems. While the MTA initially attempted to ban the ads last year, a judge ruled in Geller’s favor, leading to a decision to post them at numerous subway stops last month.

Pamela Geller (Photo Credit: Pamela Geller)

But the contention didn’t end there. On Friday, we reported on the transit group’s controversial free-speech decision to revise its advertising standards as a result of the incident. The MTA, via its official rules, now reserves the right to ban ads that “would incite or provoke violence” — a decision Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz is calling “plain dumb” and “unconstitutional.”

Despite the controversy and the uncertainty surrounding the violence provision, on Monday Geller submitted the new, expanded ad campaign that will bring the ads to the bus system. Previously, the anti-jihad messages were only present at 10 subway stops. While the activist told TheBlaze in an e-mail interview that she hopes to see the posters run “as soon as possible,” she said she won’t be surprised if she needs to head back to court to ensure they run.

In terms of the number of buses that will include the amended ads, Geller said that this factor is still under consideration. The monies to continue the effort, she claims, are coming from donors who respect her work and the cause.

“The campaigns are funded by a large number of small numbers who support our struggle for free speech,” Geller told TheBlaze.

The original subway ad (Photo Credit: American Freedom Defense Initiative/ABC News)

These new ads will differ slightly from the original version that was posted on the NYC subway system. While they will still read, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man,” the words beneath the slogan will be changed to reflect other groups, aside from Israel, who Geller believes deserve support against radical Islamic forces.

Among those nations and cohorts that the new ads will defend against jihad are: America, Coptic Christians, Hindus, Thailand, Nigerian Christians, Baha’is and — once again — Israel.

“I wanted to demonstrate the global character of the jihad — that it is against non-Muslims of different faiths and perspectives, all over the globe,” Geller said of her decision to diversify the new ads.

The controversial blogger and activist also said that her group will add the disclaimer that the MTA now requires — another change to the ad standards that was put in after her court battle with the transit authority.

“This is a paid advertisement sponsored by [Sponsor]. The display of this advertisement does not imply MTA’s endorsement of any views expressed,” the disclaimer that must be placed on political, religious or morality-themed ads will read.

While Geller has no problem adding the wording to each message, she plans to ensure that the rule is applied fairly to all political and religious submissions. If the regulation isn’t followed and the disclaimer fails to be applied to other potentially-controversial ads, the blogger has a one-word answer regarding what her next steps will be: “Sue.”

TheBlaze is the first media outlet to view these ads and, thus, we’re presenting them to you, exclusively. Below, find each of the aforementioned groups represented within the bus posters. The first image is a general ad, calling for the defense of freedom and defeat of jihad:

Photo Credit: Pamela Geller

Then, there’s an ad defending Coptic Christians:

Photo Credit: Pamela Geller

And Hindus:

Photo Credit: Pamela Geller

Here’s the pro-Thailand, anti-Jihad ad:

Photo Credit: Pamela Geller

And Geller’s bus poster defending America:

Photo Credit: Pamela Geller

The Nigerian Christian poster can he seen here (notice: this ad has the aforementioned disclaimer; in the end, all of Geller’s ads, based on the MTA’s protocol, will include this notation):

Photo Credit: Pamela Geller

And then there’s the pro-Baha’is ad, also with a disclaimer:

Photo Credit: Pamela Geller

Last, but not least, find the pro-Israel ad that reflects the same message that was already posted at NYC subway stops:

Photo Credit: Pamela Geller

TheBlaze will monitor the situation and report what happens next, but as of now — the application for these new bus ads sits before the MTA for the transit authority’s consideration.

What do you think about this ad and the overall discussion about blasphemy laws of late? Take our interactive poll, below:

Anti-Jihad MTA Ads