Texas Cheerleader Miranda Ferguson Breaks Guinness World Record for Back Handsprings

Miranda Ferguson smiles after breaking the world record for consecutive back handsprings in Texas.(Photo: Fox4)

16-year-old Texas cheerleader Miranda Ferguson landed herself a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records after performing a dizzying 35 back handsprings during a Friday night football game.

According to Fox4, the stunt was roughly a year in the making after Ferguson did an unexpected twenty handsprings in a row during a game last year.  Her enterprising friends, seeing the potential, soon discovered Ferugson was a mere twelve handsprings away from breaking a world record.

Fox4 continues:

So she started practicing.

During a recent practice she hit the magic number 32 and then during Friday night’s game she flipped 35 consecutive times, springing from the 15 yard line to the 15 yard line.

Afterward, Ferguson said she was extremely excited and very relieved because she was really nervous.

“Really just the fans out there really helped me get through it,” she said.

The crew had apparently alerted the Guinness Book of World Records about their plans, because they had two witnesses on site to confirm the accomplishment.

Here is video of Ferguson breaking the world record:

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