Pre-Debate Video Asks, ‘Ryan Or Biden: Who’s Hot?’

Thursday night brings the highly-anticipated debate between Vice Presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. Ahead of that debate, at least one website is asking the public to vote on which of the two gentlemen in the Veepstakes is “hotter.”

Image Credit: Hot or Not

We realize that basing your vote on a candidate’s sex appeal may seem shallow and superficial, but it happens more often than people will admit. TheBlaze also knows that it might not seem fair to ask “Who’s hotter?” when comparing the nearly 70-year-old Joe Biden with the 42-yr-old Ryan… But that’s the situation.

Some might find Joe Biden to be quite fetching.

Photo: AP

Others have stated a preference for the younger, much more fit, Congressman from Wisconsin.

Photo Credit: Screen capture from "Do the Paul Ryan"

The website hosting the poll also features a music video gushing over Paul Ryan. (Of course people will be reminded of the “Obama Girl” video of 2008.)

Who is behind the video? We discovered a link between the video and the National 912 Project Political Action Committee (PAC). Speaking with with a representative of the National 912 PAC, TheBlaze learned that the Paul Ryan video is the first of many coming from a new group of conservatives trying to show people that politics and the election does not need to be boring. Future videos promise to be informative, without being too serious.

We can’t wait.

Just for laughs, we’ll ask the question. Who’s hotter… Paul Ryan or Joe Biden? (Share your opinion below.)

(H/T: The 912 Project)


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