Utah Coach Arrested After Seemingly Tackling (and Knocking Out) Opposing Player From the Sidelines During Game (With Stunning Video)

(Photo: Utah County Jail)

A little league coach in Utah was booked on second-degree child abuse charges Saturday after seemingly tackling a 13-year-old running back in the middle of a tied game.

“My son was running the ball when, out of nowhere, the other team’s coach blindsided him and knocked him to the ground!” the victim’s mother explained for KSL-TV.

She added for KENS5: “He actually stepped in, folded his arms and went up under his chin and flattened him.”

According to reports, the young boy was knocked out cold by the hit, and suffered a concussion.  He was reportedly one of the stars of the league before the accident, with 18 touchdowns year.

Now, he’s out for the rest of the season.

The coach has been identified as 38-year-old Nathan Harris, and has been released from jail on bond.

Significantly, Harris’ lawyer Dean Zabriskie claims all the evidence– including the recording– is inconclusive.

“I cannot see in any way how this video shows how there was time to even make a decision,” he stated. “Boy runs towards him.  He’s being pursued by the other team.  In that instance, the boy crosses the line and my client puts his arms up.  And, that’s all you can see on the tape.”

Regarding the witnesses who recorded the video, the Zabriskie added: “It looks to us that they are at least 100 feet away and on the other side of the field, and of course representing the opposite team.”

Though the lawyer regrets the “accident,” the injured player’s mother is still at a loss.

She stated: “Nobody expected a coach to be the one to do something like this.”

A spectator in the audience recorded video of the unusual incident: