Malkin Unloads on Obama Admin Over Libya Attack: ‘A Den of Lying Liars & Crap Weasels’

Photo Credit: Fox News

On Wednesday night, conservative commentator Michelle Malkin appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity,” where she implored Americans to watch the Congressional hearings focusing upon the September 11 terror attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya.

Malkin also delivered an excoriating assessment of the Obama administration, calling officials “a den of lying liars and crap weasels” who misled the American public and maliciously stretched the truth.

“You cannot vote in November without knowing just how deep, just how malicious, and just how reckless this administration has been with the truth and the lives of Americans who were murdered on September 11th,” Malkin passionately told viewers.

The commentator went on to say that government officials seem to be working “behind the scenes trying to find out who to hang out to dry,” and she alleged that the maneuvering could be openly observed, to a degree, in Wednesday’s hearings.

Watch Malkin’s comments, below:

The Obama administration continues to catch fire over inconsistent reports regarding the events surrounding the tragedy. The terror attack, which killed four Americans, including an ambassador, has led critics to allege that officials purposely misled the public and blamed the events on “Innocence of Muslims,” an anti-Islam film that gained infamy at the time.

(H/T: Mediaite)