Westboro Baptist Church Member Says Gays Should ‘Absolutely’ Be Put to Death & Claims to Be ‘Life-Long Democrat’

Westboro Baptist Church protesters (Photo Credit: FILE)

It’s no secret that the Westboro Baptist Church has deep disdain for homosexuals. But some troubling comments from Jonathan Phelps, son of the group’s leader, Fred Phelps, show just how intensely the group feels about the issue.

During an appearance on “The David Pakman Show,” Jonathan proclaimed that he supports to death penalty for gays and lesbians — a startling admission that he has apparently touted in the past as well.

During the exchange, Phelps said that he “absolutely” supports capital punishment for the LGBT community and that his views are based upon holy scriptures. He called the notion that gays would be put to death a Biblical tenet and is “righteous” and that should be embraced by the federal government.

“You believe that based on what the Bible says, we should have the death penalty for homosexuality?,” Pakman asked, with Phelps answering “absolutely.”

Phelps, though, didn’t seem to want to get into the details surrounding how such a punishment should be enforced. When pushed to give details, he essentially avoided the question.

“Human government would have to establish that, and since I’m not involved in that aspect of it, I’m not answering that,” he said. “What I’m partial to is people repenting, that’s what I’m partial to.”

During the interview, the Westboro members also made it clear that he doesn’t support Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney for president (he noted his belief that Romney is a liar) and proclaimed that he is “a life-long Democrat.”

Watch Phelps’ comments, below (his remarks about gays and the death penalty happen around 3:50):

(H/T: Huffington Post)