High School Kicker Beats NFL Record With Incredible 67-Yard Field Goal

Austin Rehkow
Central Valley kicker Austin Rehkow leaps in celebration after kicking a 67-yard field goal with two seconds left in the game to tie the score and send it into overtime against Shadle Park during a high school football game in Spokane, Wash. (AP)

The NFL record for the longest field goal is 63 yards.

High schooler Austin Rehkow can officially scoff at that.

The senior kicker at Central Valley High in Spokane, Wash. set a new state record Thursday night when he sent the pigskin sailing a whopping 67 yards through the uprights — a game-tying kick that forced the game into overtime and led to an eventual win for Central Valley.

“I kicked it and I was a bit worried it was going to be a little bit left,” Rehkow told “Good Morning America.” “It started to straighten out for me, and from 67 yards away it’s kind of hard to tell if it goes over the bar or is just short of it. So I really just had to wait for the refs to put their arms up for me.”

Making the feat even more astonishing is Rehkow’s claim that the furthest he ever kicked in practice was 60 yards.

According to the Washington Post, Rehkow’s kick was just one yard shy of the longest in high school football history, a 68-yard kick in 1985.