MSNBC Host: Obama’s Running for President Because ‘He Feels a Higher Calling,’ Romney Is Because It’s the ‘Next Thing He Should Be Doing With His Life’

Alex Wagner
Image source: MSNBC

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner told late night host Conan O’Brien this week that she thinks President Barack Obama is running for re-election because “he feels a higher calling,” while Mitt Romney is because “it seems like the next thing he should be doing.”

“I think Obama is in it because he feels a higher calling, not that he likes doing it but that he really thinks he can do something better for the country,” the host of the noontime “Now with Alex Wagner” said Wednesday.

She said Romney “to some degree” is the same way but said they’re each like bosses: “Obama’s the guy you’d have a drink at the water cooler with, Romney’s the guy who would come to the water cooler and say, ‘shouldn’t you be at your desk?'”

“I am not quite sure why [Romney] wants to be president other than the fact that it seems like the next thing he should be doing with his life and of course his father’s failed bid at the presidency I think is an animating factor,” Wagner said.

Watch below, via NewsBusters:

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