Iowa’s Largest Newspaper Publishes Surprise Cover On Romney, Obama

The Des Moines Register, regarded as one of the best election coverage papers in the country, had a telling front page headline today:


The Register writes that “this must be what momentum looks like:”

Cedar Rapids, Ia. – This must be what momentum looks like.

It was a dramatic entrance into Iowa for Mitt Romney on Wednesday – as stirring music played, his campaign airplane touched down at the Eastern Iowa Airport, taxied toward a hangar and parked just 50 feet behind the stage, his campaign motto “Believe in America” visible along its fuselage.

Romney stepped down the jetway to meet a cheering, chanting crowd of more than 3,000 and deliver a high-energy speech that was by turns sharply critical of incumbent President Barack Obama and confidently optimistic about the nation’s future under new leadership.

Iowa remains a crucial swing state with seven electoral votes and although it has trended Obama in this cycle, the state is now polling locked, at 48% Obama 48% Romney.

As we reported on Wednesday, the Register is set to make its presidential endorsement this weekend.