Bill Clinton Again Uses Hurricane Sandy in Anti-GOP Political Speech

When Hurricane Sandy made landfall, one constant refrain from both sides of the political spectrum was the persistent warning not to “politicize” the disaster. And apparently, having been burned over their initial reaction to the attacks in Libya, the Romney campaign took this warning to heart. Indeed, even Romney surrogate Chris Christie has praised the president’s response to the hurricane and announced his lack of interest in the partisan politics of the situation.

The same apparently cannot be said for those on the Left. First, there was today’s attack by the New York Times on Mitt Romney for allegedly wanting to leave poor east coasters to suffer and die without FEMA. And now, perhaps the Obama campaign’s most valuable player, Bill Clinton, has used the hurricane as an excuse to slam Romney for mocking President Obama’s determination to lower the sea levels. (He used the hurricane earlier this week in a speech about a local election.)

“In the first debate, the triumph of the ‘moderate’ Mitt Romney, do you remember what he did?” Clinton asked acidly. “He ridiculed the president. He ridiculed the president for his efforts to fight global warming in economically beneficial ways. He said, ‘Oh you’re going to turn back the seas.’ In my part of America, we would like it if someone could have done that yesterday.”

Watch Clinton’s crass attempt to score a political hit below:

(H/T: National Review)