Ever Been Frustrated with Apple’s Seemingly Frequent Product Updates? Here’s the Spoof You’ll Want to See

If you’ve ever felt every Apple event that launches a “new” product making small changes (often literally making the device smaller) only serves to add confusion between earlier generations of the product, this parody is for you.

Most recently releasing its iPad Mini — there are three previous generations of the iPad at its standard size, as well as other products like the iPod and iPhone — Apple rolled in many of the features of the larger iPads into a 7-inch design. Jimmy Kimmel has already shown how it is easy to fool people into thinking an iPod touch is an iPad mini.

This spoof of Apple’s promotional video for the iPad might give you some insight into why Kimmel can be so successful at such pranks. Check it out:

Made-up characters in the spoof by written by John Elerick play Apple execs who talk about the device specs, design and technological capabilities, all while trying to clarify the differences between it and other Apple products.

“iPad Mini is the thinnest iPad we’ve ever designed — surprise, surprise. It’s 0.4mm thinner than the iPhone 5, which was just released a month ago, so as usual, each product is thinner than the last. It’s always going to be thinner. Except with the third-generation iPad, which is now the old new iPad. And not the Retina display iPad. Not to be confused with iPad Mini, which doesn’t have a Retina display. But is thinner,” “Gregg Joswak,” VP of iPad thickness, said.

One of the fake Apple executives in the iPad mini spoof. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

The parody even puts a play on how often Apple comes up with the next best device. Talking about when technology will advance to allow them to put out a new model, one of the phony execs says “who knows when that will be.”

“That’s at least seven months into the future. iPad Mini is the future. It’s the future until May at least. Probably more like the end of May, or more than likely June. iPad mini is now the future until then.”