Here’s How the Zombie Apocalypse Is ‘Hypothetically’ Possible

The Marine’s and other law enforcement at a counter-terrorism summit last week jumped on the zombie apocalypse bandwagon as a theme for emergency preparedness. But, honestly, according to science, would a zombie apocalypse ever really be possible?

The short answer, as told by  Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown in their latest ASAP Science YouTube video, is “hypothetically, yes.”

We’re not talking the back from the dead type of zombie, but a virus affecting the brain and causing the victim to lash out in zombie-like fashion, which at least has stronger possibilities.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

The slightly more than two minute video explains how neurons could be used by the virus.

“This zombie virus would have to use specific neurons that affect particular parts of the brain to induce a zombie state,” the narrator said.

The crux is that the virus can’t damage the entire brain. So, if this sounds unlikely, the narrator goes on to explain that your own nasal passages contain olfactory nerves linking to parts of the brain that if infected with the currently fictional virus could lead to “zombified effects.”

“Essentially, transmission of a virus through the olfactory nerve could create super hungry, agressive, brain dead beings that can’t recognize family and friends or control their own actions.”

See for yourself how this virus would work in the video:

(H/T: GeekoSystem)