Bizarre: People Allowed to Vote in Gorilla, Big Bird Suits

(Photo credit: Ralph Berrera)

And this may be part of what’s wrong with the world.

First comic John Kelso turns up at the polling stations in a Big Bird costume. Later, someone does the same in a Gorilla suit.

Below is how Kelso described his foray into voting in yellow:

I figured some knucklehead might cause a stink when I showed up at the polls Friday morning to vote in a Big Bird outfit. …So I called the Travis County clerk’s office in advance, to make sure I wouldn’t be breaking any laws.

After all, who wants to go to jail dressed like Big Bird? Not me, that’s who. The what-are-you-in-for questions would be embarrassing. Of course, the answer would be, “Fowl play.” And I sure didn’t want to lose my vote over a pile of yellow feathers.

“I checked with the head of the elections division, and he said that, no, it is not illegal to vote in a Big Bird outfit,” said Ginny Ballard, a spokeswoman for the Travis County clerk’s office.

Meanwhile, the Washington Free Beacon captured the “truth monkey” as he voted: