Chris Matthews Unhinged: Mentions of Obama’s Ethnicity are Part of the GOP’s ‘Evil’ Strategy, ‘If You Don’t Vote, You’re an Idiot’

Something tells us MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is in for a very, very long day. It’s early afternoon and he’s already talking about “idiots,” “haters,” the GOP’s voter suppression tactics and its “evil” anti-ethnic strategy.

First, his explanation of the “haters” and “lovers” voting dynamic and why anyone voting third party is an “idiot”:

Moving on, here’s the MSNBC anchor’s explanation of supposed GOP voter suppression tactics and why anyone who mentions the president’s ethnicity is “evil”:

Okay, let’s see if we understand the MSNBC panel correctly: Anyone who doesn’t vote is an “idiot,” “haters” always vote, “lovers” don’t vote because they’re distracted in frivolous pleasures, third and fourth party candidates are “numbskulls,” long waiting lines at polling stations are because of racist voter suppression tactics, Donald Trump and former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu are huge racists, any conservative who mentions the president’s ethnicity is kind of “evil,” and the GOP’s supposed anti-ethnicity strategy is an appeal to “undereducated, white, working-class voters.”

Stay tuned. As the day progresses, we expect MSNBCs’ coverage of the election to become even more “enlightening.”

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