Karl Rove Sees Good Signs for Romney in Ohio, Virginia and Florida

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As polls were just beginning to close Tuesday, former Bush advisor Karl Rove, appearing on Fox News, pointed out a number of factors that could be good news for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

In Virginia, Rove said officials have extended voting times to keep the long lines moving in Fairfax, Norfolk, Virginia Beach and in three “swing counties.”

“I think this a good sign for Romney,” he explained, adding that Republicans have done relatively well in those counties.

While Democrats have a big lead in terms of Florida early voting numbers, Rove said Election Day votes have “erased” that advantage.

“We are going to see this back and forth as the final drips and drabs of the early vote come in,” he added. “I think it’s good news for Romney. I remember in 2004, we were behind until we got to about 30 to 35 percent of the vote [in Florida.].”

On Ohio, Rove said there was only a 49.8 percent voter turnout in 20 Democratic counties while seven Republican counties saw 73.8 percent voter turnout. If that is any indication of the rest of the state, it could be welcome news to the Romney campaign.

“At least in this part of Ohio, Republicans are doing a better job of getting out their vote. And I think that’s what we are going to see when we look at Virginia,” said Rove.

“Not only is Romney doing much better percentage-wise than McCain, but he’s also getting a bigger chunk of votes.”


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