Michael Moore: The Founding Fathers Were Totally Into Voter Suppression

Noted “documentarian” and liberal activist Michael Moore during an interview with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell on Monday explained the supposed history of voter suppression in America.

“Voter suppression was one of the founding principles of this country. Our Founding Fathers suppressed the vote by saying only white male property owners could vote,” said the filmmaker. “And through the 200 plus years, we’ve chipped away at the voter suppression … blacks could vote, then women could vote and now the blacks had to — we had to have Civil Rights laws.”

He continued, begging viewers to do all they can to “get the vote out.”

“Just take someone,” said Moore. “We all know somebody and make it your mission tomorrow to take that person out to vote, take them to lunch, take them to the bar afterwards. Do whatever you have to do that it’s legal to get them to the polls.”

Exit Question: Does this count as “voter suppression”?

Alleged Black Panther outside a Philadelphia polling station (Photo Credit: Submitted)

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