CNBC’s Rick Santelli, the man TheBlaze regularly credits as being the spark that ignited the Tea Party, during a Monday broadcast of “Squawk Box” weighed in on tomorrow’s presidential election.

“[S]omething happened in ‘08. You know, people go with the current. You have an election, you wake up the next day, there’s continuity. 2008 was a crisis and the water turned from a steady current that people were used to (maybe people that haven’t voted for awhile) into white water rapids,” Said Santelli.

“All of the sudden we find ourself, to many, on a course that isn’t exactly where the current was leading them before the crisis. I think that’s why the 2010 midterms were such a large factor in change with respect to the government,” he added.

“I don’t think tomorrow will be any less large in terms of its results. I do think people want to be proactive when the current of the country doesn’t match the direction they want to country to go.”

Considering that the infamous 2008 Santelli “rant of the year” would be the thing to embolden small government, low-tax types across the country, and the fact that the Tea Party has been a prominent fixture during the Obama White House years, TheBlaze thought it would be fitting that on the morning of the election we present Santelli’s thoughts on the race between President Obama and Gov. Romney.


And for old time’s sake, here’s the original Santelli Tea Party rant:

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