Hundreds of Ole Miss Students Protest, Hurl Racial Slurs & Burn Obama-Biden Sign During Election Night ‘Riot’

JACKSON, Miss. (TheBlaze/AP) — Tempers flared in the wake of last night’s presidential election on the campus of the University of Mississippi. A protest at the college against the re-election of President Barack Obama grew into a crowd of about 400 students who shouted racial slurs as rumors of a riot spread on social media.

In the end, two arrests were reported, although university officials say there were no injuries or property damage Tuesday night. According to, “Reports conflict over whether rocks were thrown, but Twitter images testify that an “Obama Biden” campaign sign was burned.”

A university spokesman says the gathering began after midnight with 30 to 40 students protesting Obama’s re-election but quickly grew. Rumors exploded on Twitter after student journalists posted a video calling the gathering a riot.

Chancellor Dan Jones condemned the disturbance, saying most students and faculty are “ashamed” of the actions of a few.

Watch video of the incident, below (caution: language):

“All of us are ashamed of the few students who have negatively affected the reputations of each of us and of our university,” Jones said. “We are initiating a thorough review of this incident to determine the facts and any follow-up actions that may be necessary.”

The incident comes a little more than 50 years after violent riots over the enrollment of James Meredith, the university’s first black student.