You Know Who Was Really Happy About Obama Winning Re-Election? This Crowd Surfing Mayor & His Mother

Although many conservatives responded to last night’s election news with a mixture of disbelief and shock, not everyone was down in the dumps.

Indeed, as noted earlier on TheBlaze, D.C. residents were absolutely thrilled President Obama had won a second term.

But you know who else was particularly enthused about last night’s election results? Minneapolis’ Democrat Mayor Raymond Thomas (“R. T.”) Rybak.

So enthused, in fact, that he allowed himself to be crowd surfed by a crazed mob of Minnesotans:

And now from this angle!

Hey, wait a minute. In that first video — who’s that woman? According to Kare 11, that’s the mayor’s AARP card-carrying mother!

That’s some serious election night emotion right there.

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