Ax-Wielding, Motorcycle-Riding Thieves Break Into London Mall in Stunning Heist Caught on Video

The robbers captured on camera during the get away. (Photo: Rik Treister; LBC 97.3 FM in London)

It’s something that seems more at home in a Hollywood movie than in real life: a group of thieves break into a mall jewelry store using axes and bats and make their get away by driving motorcycles through the halls of the shopping center.

But that’s exactly what happened in London on Tuesday. A gang of six robbers rode into the Brent Cross shopping center and attacked the Fraser Hart jewelry store, smashing the glass and making off with Rolex watches and other valuables. They then hopped back on their motorcycles and headed out. They later abandoned the bikes by a nearby golf center and are still at large.

The incredible heist was all captured on video:

“It was very frightening. I could not believe it was happening,” Sue Bangs, who was shopping at the time, told the BBC. “All the shops suddenly put down their shutters and we were locked in for a while. My heart was pounding.”

You can watch the ABC report below:

And if the heist looks familiar, it loosely mirrors the heist in “The Italian Job”: