‘President-Elect’: Want to See What Romney’s Transition Website Would Have Looked Like? Leaked Photos Revealed


If you’re a conservative, this story could be too painful for you to read. I suggest you click away now.

For those who have stayed, below are pictures of Mitt Romney’s transition website that would have gone live had he been elected president on Tuesday. So how are you seeing it today? Well, the site accidentally went live for a brief moment on Wednesday, and because this is the internet, someone was able to grab screenshots before it was taken down.

That someone is Roll Call’s Taegan Goddard. Below are the pictures he nabbed, which has a statement from “President-Elect Romney” and even inauguration day:


(Photo credit: Politicalwire.com)
There would have been a section to apply to work for the new administration. (Politicalwire.com)
The inauguration section. (Politicalwire.com)
The section where cabinet information would have been posted. (Politicalwire.com)

“I’m excited about our prospects as a nation. My priority is putting people back to work in America,” the quote from Romney says on the first page.

It’s a priority he’ll have to now pursue outside the Oval Office.