MSNBCs Touré Says He Wants to See Mitt Romney in the White House

MSNBC’s Touré (FILE)

On MSNBC’s “The Cycle” on Thursday, co-host Touré said it could be in President Barack Obama’s best interest to extend an “olive branch” to Republicans by offering his former rival Mitt Romney a business-related cabinet position. Now that the election is over, Touré admits Romney is a “talented guy.” Before, he was an evil elitist businessman who wanted to ship jobs overseas and “harvest” U.S. companies for profit — all at the expense of the middle class.

“I do want to see Mitt Romney in the White House. I want to see Mitt Romney as Secretary of Commerce or, we’ve talked about this new, sort of, Secretary of Business role,” Touré said. “Definitely a talented guy.”

“Look, 57 million people voted against Barack Obama. A lot of them would feel an olive branch from picking Mitt Romney, who is a talented guy, a business guy,” he added.

TheBlazeTV’s S.E. Cupp immediately recognized the irony and quipped, “I love how much the Left loves Mitt Romney now that he lost.”

“I didn’t say I loved him,” Touré replied.

Watch the segment via MSNBC below:

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