O’Reilly Lambastes Obama & ‘Secular Progressives’ Who Are ‘Bent on Destroying Traditional America’ in Epic Fox Segment

Bill O’Reilly, host of FOX’s ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ at FOX Studios on December 15, 2011 in New York City. Credit: Getty Images 

On Monday night, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly had some tough words for secular progressives, highlighting their purportedly dangerous views on social and economic issues. The subject of his “Talking Points Memo” segment asked, “Is traditional America gone for good?”

The popular television host commenced the segment by noting his belief that traditional America can, once again, rise to prominence, however, he contended that “it will take a very special person to make that happen.” To corroborate O’Reilly’s point that the nation may, indeed, bounce back to its traditional roots, he noted that, despite winning re-election, Obama is slipping in popularity.

“Left-wing ideology did not win the day for Barack Obama. Big spending on federal programs did. That’s the key,” O’Reilly said. “Because many in the media would have us believe that liberal ideology was confirmed by this election. It was not.”

Or particular note, O’Reilly hammered the president’s secular progressivism, claiming that Obama is “the poster guy” for the anti-traditionalist movement.  After showcasing statistics and information surrounding births out of wedlock, abortion and other societal issues, the host noted that secular progressives have done little to curb these phenomena.

“Abortion is settled law in the USA, but it should be discouraged, because human DNA is present upon conception,” O’Reilly said. “Thus the situation becomes a human rights issue.”

The host asked if Americans want to live in a nation “where potential human life…is terminated for convenience.” As for marijuana legalization, another issue he tackled during the segment, he held little back, noting that, “Legalizing pot sends a message that it’s fine to use it.”

From their stance on the “mythical war on women” to out-of-control entitlement spending, O’Reilly had no accolades to shower upon secular progressives. In fact, he made it clear that the movement, led by Obama, is a hazard to the nation’s social and political health.

“I believe the American people can be persuaded that the far left is a dangerous outlet bent on destroying traditional America and replacing it with a social free-fire zone that replaces it with dependency and poverty,” O’Reilly proclaimed.

Watch the video, below:

(H/T: Mediaite)