Video of ‘Drunk Japanese Businessman’ Trying to Walk Down an Up Escalator Is As Funny As It Sounds

We’ve seen what happens when you take a motor scooter on an escalator and the dangers of wearing flip-flops an an escalator. Now, a new video is going viral showing what is assumed to be a drunk man going the wrong way down one of the moving staircases on his way to the subway (sort of like this bird tried to do).

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

The Sun reported the account of Sam Napper, who filmed the incident and described the man as a “drunk Japanese businessman”:

“At first I thought he was playing silly buggers with a few of his FX Trader mates but when we saw his dogged stagger and realised he was alone, I knew we were about to witness something truly brilliant.

“One by one, concerned commuters tried to steer him in the right direction, to no avail.

“After pausing for a few seconds, he turned around and walked out, as if nothing ever happened, saying nothing.”

(Image: YouTube screenshot)
This woman becomes one of the most concerned with helping him. (Image: YouTube screenshot)
(Image: YouTube screenshot)
Eventually, a young man turns the businessman around and he walks off safely. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch this report of the incident:

The video has been reposted dozens of times on YouTube with many of the clips seeing tens of thousands of hits.

In this video from CNN, Napper states that “it was pretty evident” by the way the man looked, how he was walking and the fact that he was going down the up side, that he was intoxicated: