MSNBC host Chris Matthews has made no secret of his enthusiasm for Barack Obama and his policies throughout the past four years.  He famously said back in 2008 that he got a “thrill” up his leg when Obama spoke, and as MSNBC has become more solidified as a left-leaning network, Matthews has appeared nearly apoplectic on the occasions when the president failed to live up to his expectations (like after the first presidential debate).

Appearing on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno Friday, Matthews even admitted that “orgasmic” would be a “good metaphor” for how he felt after the president’s re-election.

To be fair, it was in response to a question by Leno.

“Well, Obama was re-elected. You must be orgasmic,” the host said after introducing Matthews’ book “Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero.”

Laughing, Matthews briefly considered the word before responding: “You know, I never thought of that word in this context, but it’s a good metaphor.”

The exchange is unlikely to help Matthews’ reputation for journalistic objectivity, or his nickname as “Tingles” on conservative blogs.

Here is the brief segment, via MRC-TV:

(H/T: Newsbusters)

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