Does Anyone Remember That There Was a Thanksgiving Themed Republican Debate This Time Last Year?

It may be hard to believe, but just over a year ago (November 19), there was a Republican presidential debate. Pollster Frank Luntz was the moderator, and it was even Thanksgiving themed.

The Daily Beast reports on the topics:

They began by discussing the influence of religion and God on their political careers and which values they’d like to reinstate in America. Thanks to the unusual format, it was more of a polite discussion, and candidates took the opportunity to tell sprawling stories of their Christian faith and personal hardships. Mitt Romney and Jon Hunstman Jr. declined to participate in the debate.

Nonetheless, the table had all the makings of an awkward Thanksgiving dinner. But it ended well. Here are our fondest remembrances of Republican Thanksgiving 2011.


It all started with Bachmann pouring water all around the table



No one was quite sure what to do…


There were pumpkins on the table!

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Awesome props

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Santorum loved them

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And a gigantic cornucopia

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

Newt stared directly at it

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 Moderator Frank Luntz sat an uncomfortable distance from Ron Paul

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Ron Paul didn’t mind

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Bachmann was a natural

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 There were jokes all around

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And some serious moments, like Santorum recalling the difficult situation with his daughter, Bela

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Or Herman Cain describing his wife’s support when he was diagnosed with stage four cancer


 Rick Perry was there!

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 We miss Rick Perry

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Newt gave Occupy Wall Street a world class lecture

Then Gave Bachmann a shoulder pat

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 All around, it was an awesome debate

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