Michelle Obama’s obesity crusade might be in full swing throughout the country, but that didn’t stop the First Lady from serving up a meal just as fattening as any readers could hope for.

Obamas Celebrate Thanksgiving With 6 Different Kinds of Pie

Michelle Obama (Photo Credit: AP)

According to Yahoo News, the President’s family served up a delectable combination of dishes for him and for 10 military service members, a meal whose menu included the following:

•             Turkey

•             Ham

•             Cornbread Stuffing

•             Oyster Stuffing

•             Greens

•             Macaroni and cheese

•             Sweet Potatoes

•             Mashed Potatoes

•             Green Bean Casserole

•             Dinner Rolls

Obamas Celebrate Thanksgiving With 6 Different Kinds of Pie

President Obama pardons this year’s Thanksgiving turkey (Photo Credit: US Magazine)


•             Banana Cream Pie

•             Pumpkin Pie

•             Apple Pie

•             Sweet Potato Pie

•             Huckleberry Pie

•             Cherry Pie

Hypocritical? Almost certainly. However, with a menu like that, it’s not difficult to see why the President might come in fourth as a preferred celebrity Thanksgiving guest for most Americans. If nothing else, he apparently knows what foods will go over well.

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