See China’s First Successful Fighter Jet Landing on an Aircraft Carrier

BEIJING (TheBlaze/AP) — Just as it has had many firsts recently with its space program efforts, China has successfully completed another first for its naval aspirations. The country landed its first fighter jet on its first aircraft carrier, which entered service two months ago, the country’s official news agency confirmed Sunday.

In this undated photo released by China’s Xinhua News Agency, made available on Sunday, Nov. 25, 2012, a carrier-borne J-15 fighter jet lands on China’s first aircraft . (Photo: AP/Xinhua, Zha Chunming)

The Liaoning aircraft carrier underscores China’s ambitions to be a leading Asian naval power, but it is not expected to carry a full complement of planes or be ready for combat for some time.

Xinhua News Agency said the landing exercise marked the debut of the J-15 fighter jet, a carrier-based fighter-bomber developed by China from Russia’s Sukhoi Su-33.

A carrier-borne J-15 fighter jet is seen on China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning. (Photo: AP/Xinhua, Zha Chunming)
A carrier-borne J-15 fighter jet takes off in this undated photo that was released Sunday, Nov. 25. (Photo: AP//Xinhua, Zha Chunming)

The Defense Ministry’s website carried photos of the jet taking off from and landing on the carrier.

Watch the landing in this video from Reuters:

Citing unnamed naval sources, Xinhua said that the carrier platform and J-15 capabilities met all requirements and achieved “good compatibility.”

Xinhua says the J-15 is able to carry anti-ship, air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles and precision-guided bombs.

Since China’s Liaoning ship formally entered into service on Sept. 25, its crew members have completed more than 100 training and test programs, Xinhua said.

China bought the former Soviet navy’s unfinished carrier from Ukraine in 1998 and spent years refurbishing it.