The Brazilian variety show “Programa Silvio Santos” is apparently known for its “run-of-the-mill hidden camera gags,” according to Gawker. This author had never heard of the show until now.

However, the show’s latest prank, titled “Ghost in the Elevator,” is absolutely horrifying and likely traumatic for the gag’s unfortunate victims.

Gawker provides a quick summary of the prank:

Titled “Ghost in the Elevator,” the so-called prank starts out normally enough, but soon the elevator lights start to flicker and out pops a little girl reminiscent of Samara from The Ring clutching a doll and starts to scream bloody murder and playtime is officially over.

The worst part? The dystopian laugh track playing over scenes of random people losing a good ten years off their lifespan.


Watch the cruel prank below:

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