7 Awesome Ways to Dispose of Your Old Pumpkins

Now that it’s officially Christmas season, many are wondering what to do with the pumpkins that are hopelessly sitting on the front steps or the back porch. We found some ideas:

 You could fire them out of a cannon

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This is also the best way to get into your locked van



Pumpkin helmet might be the way to go


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 Looking good


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 But we cannot guarantee your safety

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 You could convert your pumpkin into a boat


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Your redneck cousin could take care of them


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You could also do this to the guy hitting on your girlfriend

(Content warning for some language)


A Tasty option is all natural pumpkin bread


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“Pumpkin bread is an easy way to use up leftover pumpkin, or any winter squash for that matter. The recipe calls for a cup of pumpkin purée which you can either get from a can, or make yourself by steaming or roasting the pumpkin pieces, scooping out the flesh, and either mashing with a fork or blending in a food processor.”

Read more at simplyrecipes.com.


But the best way to rid yourself of old pumpkins is to give them to a hungry Polar Bear


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 Most Awesome:


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