‘Dad’ Who Took Provocative Pics of ‘Daughter’ to Sell His Car Backtracks and Now Says She’s Only a Friend

On Wednesday, TheBlaze brought you the story of an Oregon man taking pictures of his scantily clad daughter with a bright yellow 1977 Datsun, which he was trying to sell on eBay. Now, the man is backtracking and saying the woman is not his daughter but is actually just a friend.

The daughter confusion started when seller Kim Ridley, who owns Ridley’s Rides, pseudo-defended 20-year-old Lexxa from someone asking him if the purchase came with a “free ‘ride’ with the porn star?”

Ridley responded saying, “Nice way to talk about my daughter!!!! But sure———-!!!! Hit the buy it now!!”

Here are just a couple photos posted on the site, but you can see more on eBay (Note: some photos might not be appropriate for all audiences):

(Image: eBay)
(Image: eBay)

Ridley wasn’t regretting his decision yesterday. He in fact defended taking the provocative photos of his “daughter,” saying that “girls” can help sell. After a slew of criticism when the story went nationwide and even reached international websites, Ridley quickly began singing a different tune.

He told KVAL-TV later on Wednesday it was a joke that got out of hand and that Lexxa — if that is her real name — is really a longtime friend.

KVAL still calls the story developing, which seems to allude that more information could be forthcoming.

The car, if you’re interested, sold for $7,500.

(H/T: Daily Mail)