‘War on Christmas’: Bill O’Reilly Engages Rhode Island Governor Over ‘Holiday Tree’

Bill O’Reilly Credit: Getty Images for The Rumble 2012)

Following his contentious Christmas debate with Atheists for America President David Silverman on Wednesday night, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly confronted Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee on Thursday over his decision to rename the state’s Christmas Tree a “holiday tree” as a gesture of political correctness in “changing times.”

While Chafee accused O’Reilly of trying to start a controversy where there wasn’t one, the Fox News host said he was the one starting controversy by trying to “impose his will” on the residents of his state.

“I just want our traditions to be respected that’s all,” O’Reilly said.

Chafee also told O’Reilly that everyone on Fox News is “too angry” before wishing him a Merry Christmas.

Watch the segment via Fox News/Mediaite below:


Featured image via Getty Images