Limbaugh Caller Tells Rush: Glenn Beck’s Book ‘Broke’ Woke Me Up

If you were listening to Rush Limbaugh’s radio show on Thursday, you might have noticed an advertisement of sorts for Glenn Beck’s book “Broke.” Not a paid advertisement, that is, but rather the best kind: an honest testimonial.

That’s because a caller by the name of Rick from Calif. appeared on the show and admitted that only now, at the age of 45, he’s realizing that all those government programs, hand outs, and promises aren’t free.

“I’ve finally woken up to the fact that money isn’t free,” he admitted. After a slightly flabbergasted Limbaugh — flabbergasted that it took so long for Rick to realize this — engaged him in an explanation, Rick went on to say what led to the epiphany.

“This might be a little bad,” Rick said sheepishly (realizing he was about to plug another radio host’s book on Limbaugh’s show), “it actually has to do with a book I read by Glenn Beck. The book he wrote, ‘Broke,’ was such an eye-opening thing.”

He added that before the book, he had never understood where the money for grants, student loans and the like came from.

“I never really associated it with people’s taxes and coming out of the general fund or anything. You just think, ‘Oh yeah, oh, government money. Okay, the government has a surplus or something. Or there’s just extra money they’ve set aside.'”

“I just woke up. And I should have listened to my dad a long time ago,” he later admitted.

You can listen to the intriguing call below via Daily Rushbo:

And if you want to see what, exactly, woke Rick up, you can buy “Broke” for yourself or even a friend here.