Cindy Lee Garcia Innocence of Muslims film

Cindy Lee Garcia, right, one of the actresses in “Innocence of Muslims,” on Friday lost a second legal bid to have the film’s trailer removed from YouTube. (AP)

A California federal judge on Friday denied another request from one of the actresses in the anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims” to have the film’s trailer removed from YouTube.

Cindy Lee Garcia lost a similar legal challenge in September. Her attorney told Reuters she plans to appeal the latest decision.

Garcia has said she was duped by the man behind the film, Mark Bassely Youssef, about what the final product would look like. The 14-minute clip for “Innocence of Muslims” posted online depicts the Prophet Muhammad as an adulterer and murder and was blamed in part for igniting violent mob protests throughout the Arab world.

Garcia said the project she participated in made no references to Muhammad or to Islam and that her voice was dubbed over after filming. She has claimed she received death threats for her participation in the film and has accused Youssef of fraud and slander.

Her federal lawsuit included claims of copyright infringement, asserting she has a copyright claim over her performance. According to Reuters, the judge said even if she could prove a legitimate copyright interest, she would have essentially relinquished it to the filmmakers.

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice’s initial references to “Innocence of Muslims” as the reason for the terror assault on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya have been central in an ongoing effort to determine the truth behind the attack that killed four Americans.