MSNBC Host on Obama’s ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Offer: He’s Making Republicans an Offer They Can’t Refuse

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry on Saturday defended President Barack Obama’s “laughable” opening “fiscal cliff” offer to Republicans, proving once again that she is light on honest political analysis and heavy on the talking points.

“It’s December 1, just one month until the deadline for the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’ and the drama is building,” she began.

She paused for a moment to play a clip of House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) referring to the president’s offer as not being a “serious proposal.”

“Mr. Boehner, you’ve got it all wrong,” the MSNBC host said. “It is a serious proposal, really serious, ‘Godfather’ serious.”

She continued:

Watching the DC drama this week convinced those of us in Nerdland that President Obama must be a fan of the Francis Ford-Coppola masterpiece because he seems to be channeling “The Godfather.”

No, I’m not suggesting that Speaker Boehner is about to wake up next to a severed horse’s head, but remove the lethal components and there are valuable negotiating lessons that the president seems to be picking up on.

The president, she argues, is “keeping his friends close, but his enemies closer.”

“Well, President Obama has definitely been keeping his enemies close at hand: Lunch with Mitt Romney, a mid-week summit with business leaders who supported Romney, including millionaire Republican backers, the CEOs of Marriott, AT&T and Statefarm and of course, meeting after meeting after meeting with speaker John Boeher and Republican leaders,” said Harris-Perry.

Bottom Line: By offering a “fiscal cliff” deal favorable only to himself, the president is a lot like Don Corleone. And this is a good thing:

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(H/T: Mediaite). Front page image courtesy Getty Images.