Vid of Student Stripping During Pastor’s Sermon Last Year Goes Viral: ‘This Is Why There’s So Many Lesbians on the Campus!’

Baptist preacher Micah Armstrong is known for delivering controversial and potentially-flammable campus sermons to college kids. In a clip that has just now gone viral, during one of his preaching stint, Armstrong was greeted by a student who decided to distract the sidewalk pastor by stripping.

While the Christian leader was engaged in what appeared to be a fiery dialogue with students at the University of Central Florida, a young man purportedly named Austin Cooper appears behind him. Just as Armstrong is about to read Hebrews 4:15, Cooper began to remove his clothes. Upon hearing laughter, the preacher turned around to see the now shirtless young man.

“This is why there’s so many lesbians on the campus — because guys like this are turning all the girls off and causing them to be lesbians,” the preacher proclaimed, as Cooper continued stripping down to his boxers.

Many of the students cheered, laughed and supported the student’s actions, as the young man then laid down on the ground next to Armstrong. According to The Huffington Post, the footage was filmed last year, but is just now going viral.

Watch the spectacle unfold, below: