Ed Schultz’s Anti-Gun Argument: People Who Wrote the Second Amendment ‘Owned Slaves, Oppressed Women & Were Short on Tolerance’

Ed Schultz (AP Photo/Dave Samson, File)

Despite the fact that the Connecticut school shooter reportedly used guns legally owned by his mother, MSNBC host Ed Schulz said the shooting is proof that we must “come to grips with a changing society” and stop “hiding behind the Second Amendment.”

In other words, Schultz wants lawmakers to start getting serious about gun control. He justified his position by saying that the people who wrote the Second Amendment “owned slaves, oppressed women and were short on tolerance.”

Surprisingly, Schultz admitted that he has been a gun owner for 40 years.

“Tonight is… a time we as a people come to grips with a changing society,” Schultz said. “We need to be the Founding Fathers on how we deal with the sickness in our country called ‘gun violence.’ Hiding behind the Second Amendment doesn’t cut it anymore.”

He continued: “Hiding behind the Second Amendment can no longer be the shield for access. The people who wrote that document owned slaves, oppressed women, and were short on tolerance.”

The MSNBC host went on to say that lawmakers in Washington need to stop doing the bidding of the gun lobby.

Watch the clip via MSNBC/Mediaite below: