MSNBC Host: Hopefully Conn. School Shooting Will Provide ‘Political Capital’ to Reform Gun Laws

Shortly after the news broke of the tragic shooting at a Connecticut elementary school on Friday, MSNBC host Alex Wagner was already speculating about how the shooting may provide lawmakers in Washington some “political capital” to “reform” America’s gun laws.

Wagner noted that Friday’s massacre will likely be one of, if not the most deadly school shooting in American history. As of this writing, at least 27 people were confirmed dead; 18 of them young children.

“It is, hopefully — we say this every, single time we cover one of these things — a line in the sand,” Wagner said. “There has got to be some kind of measurable change, some kind of reaction.”

“One would hope that there will be some political capital to reform the way in which we handle gun and gun violence in this country,” she added.

Watch the clip via MSNBC/Mediaite below: