We understand that the so-called “fiscal cliff,” a combination of tax increases and spending cuts scheduled to take effect next year unless Congress comes up with a budget plan, is a confusing and oftentimes boring topic.

We totally get it.

But, come on! The people interviewed in the following clip are in the nation’s capital! They should at least pretend to be a little more engaged [although, to be fair, one of the women interviewed ​clearly ​isn't from around the D.C./NoVa. area]. Watch the video, below:

Final Thought: If we were given the task of quizzing random strangers on their knowledge of the “fiscal cliff,” we’d totally do it while prominently displaying this photo (just to mess with their heads):

Fox News Watters World Finds out How Much These D.C. Residents Know About the Fiscal Cliff | How Much do These D.C. Residents Know About the Fiscal Cliff | O’Rielly Factor & Watters World

You’re welcome.

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Featured image courtesy Fox News.