‘All My Friends Are Dead’: Harrowing Story of 6-Year-Old Who Survived Sandy Hook Shooting

Newtown residents Claire Swanson, Kate Suba, Jaden Albrecht, Simran Chand and New London, Connecticut residents Rachel Pullen and her son Landon DeCecco, hold candles at a memorial for victims on the first Sunday following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 16, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut. (Photo: Getty Images)

ABC News has the terrifying story of an unnamed six-year-old girl who survived Friday’s shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary by “playing dead.”

Of the students in her classroom, she was reportedly the only one to survive.

The family pastor, Jim Solomon, told ABC News:

She was the first student who ran out of the Sandy Hooks school, 6 and a half years old.  She ran out of the building, covered in blood from head to toe, and the first words she said to her mom were, ‘Mommy, I’m okay, but all of my friends are dead.’

Somehow, in that moment, by God’s grace was able to act as if she was already deceased…Of those who were left in the classroom of first graders, she was the lone survivor…

She saw someone who she felt was angry, and somebody who she felt was very mad.

When asked how a 6-year-old was able to think in such an unbelievably horrifying situation, the pastor replied: “I think it’s impossible outside of divine intervention.”

Watch the entire interview, via ABC, below:

(H/T: Daily Mail)