Preemie Baby Saved When Scissors Left on a Scale Deemed Her ‘Viable’ Now Home in Time for Christmas

Maddalena Douse was born at 23 weeks — that’s about three months too early. Her parents never thought she would make it home. But now she’s home from the hospital in time for Christmas, which could be, in part, thanks to a pair of scissors that saved her life nearly six months ago.

Although most stories involving babies and scissors might not call up thoughts of saving lives. In Maddalena’s case, scissors accidentally left on a scale could have meant the difference between life and death for her, the U.K.’s The Sun reported.

Maddalena Douse was born at 23 weeks at a weight and stage of development deemed not medically viable. (Image: ITN News video screenshot)

In the U.K., preemies have to weigh at least a pound to be considered medically “viable,” or worth the measures it would take to save them in their delicate condition. Maddalena was lucky and weighed just a pound. According to The Sun, it wasn’t known that a pair of scissors on the scale helped up Maddalena’s weight until she was already hooked up to a ventilator.

Eight-inch Maddalena really weighed 382 grams (13.47 ounces) when she was born.

Maddalena now at home and a healthy weight. (Image: ITN News video screenshot)

Now, mother Kate Douse, 31, told the Sun her “miracle” baby is getting to a healthy weight.

“We never thought we’d ever bring Maddalena home,” Douse said, according to the Sun. “She now weighs 5½ [pounds] and is getting stronger by the day. She’s our little miracle and we’re so glad to have her home in time for Christmas.”

Maddalena with her mother and father. (Image: ITN News video screenshot)

There is a sad element to the otherwise miracle of a story. Maddalena did have a twin Isabella, who died a few weeks after she was born.

Watch this ITN News report with footage of Maddalena and her parents:

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